Katherine Givens

Where romance ravishes history…


Fbcover_v2A lady enthralled with the man haunting her dreams …

A gentleman seeking to regain his truest love in a nineteenth-century archaeology expedition in Egypt…

A quiet maid drawn to her aloof master, but wary of the secrets he hides…

These are the tales Katherine Givens spins in her mind. Do not be shy. Come and explore where romance ravishes history…


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Where to Begin?

If you would like to discover where romance ravishes history, please begin by reading Katherine’s books.

Visit Katherine’s blog for her latest news, musings, guest authors, or for a shortened escape from the stresses of the day.

What’s Katherine Up To?

While Katherine works on her historical romances, she also publishes short stories and poetry in magazines. Many of these shorter pieces center on love and romance. Here are her upcoming publications in magazines:

  • “Twenty Years,” a poem, will be published in a chapbook by Whistling Shade Press. Coming summer 2016.
  • “A Victor’s Ballad” will be published in the next issue of Tipton Poetry Journal.
  • “Risks and Regrets” and “Where the Coward Hides” will be published in the next issue of Cats with Thumbs.

What More?

Without Further Ado… Katherine presents more tantalizing fun! For those interested in history, writing tips, or more of Katherine’s work, please check out the Links page. Besides being a historical romance author, Katherine also writes poetry and short stories. Check out her Magazine Publications.

“With engaging characters and a unique love story, In Her Dreams will sweep you away to another time and place and leave you with tears in your eyes and a huge smile on your face.” — Lusty Penguin Reviews

In Her Dreams is my first read of Katherine Givens’ work and I highly enjoyed it!” — Coffee Talk Writers

“I thought Katherine Givens succeeded in telling her story — I thought the author showed a determined focus and concentrated on the central theme of the story: the certainty and undeniability of true love.” — Love Saves the World

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